CTZNWELL is organizing the community of 50+ million Americans who are waking up, living their values, coming together in community and speaking out around the issues that matter to them. And it’s not just who we are organizing, but how. Our practice gives us the tools, a shared language, safe spaces, and internal resources to confront some of the most difficult issues of our time. We are building a movement from the inside out - one that is centered in personal power, amplified by community and committed to democratizing wellbeing for all.

We define wellbeing as the conditions through which ALL individuals can experience their full human potential.
This calls us to lean into the systems that separate so that no one is left out. Wellbeing brings us back to ourselves,
to what is important in our lives and to one another. It brings together disparate issues and exposes their intersections. And it unites us in mutual responsibility for the wellbeing of the whole.