Our theory of change begins with people. Through personal practice, community building, and collective action we transform ourselves and restructure our world to support the conditions of wellbeing for all.

We engage in deep transformational work around our values; and are led through relationship to issues like access to healthcare, food justice, living wage, climate change and education. From there, we partner with campaigns led by the people most directly affected and respond in conscious and creative disruption and reimagination of our world. We aspire to move and unify our community at a scale that will have an impact at a systemic and global level.

What does a mindful platform look like? voteWELL is a nonpartisan campaign to unite the power of the 50+ million people engaged in lifestyles of health and sustainability to vote in the 2016 election. If we reflect deeply on our values and commit to acting together on behalf of the whole, we can become a powerful political force of mindful, informed and engaged voters that can help bring about systemic shifts toward the conditions of wellbeing for all people in our nation.

In 2014, we joined the Fight for $15 in New York to advocate for fair wages and economic wellbeing for all. In solidarity with striking workers, we participated in demonstrations that resulted in a historic victory to raise the minimum wage that changed the lives of 200,000 workers. wageWELL is currently expanding to raise the wage for ALL NY workers and support similar efforts around the country, taking a stand that no full-time worker should be struggling to feed their family.

Supermarkets and fast-food outlets offer an endless supply of cheap processed junk foods, while fresh fruits and vegetables are inaccessible for many. In coalition with HEAL, Food Policy Action and other organizations in health, environment, agriculture and labor, we’re calling on the next President to take bold action for a food system that protects our environment, provides fair wages to workers, and ensures that all of us have access to healthy food we can afford.