Allison Johnston

Social Media Engagement

Allison Johnston engineers CTZNWELL’s social media and online engagement. Grateful for a rich and complex life that includes being a part of a multi­cultural, community­committed family of 9 in Maine, with roots extending from Puerto Rico to rural farm harvests and the Great Wall of China, Allison loves telling stories. As a yoga teacher, professional figure skater, and leadership academic, plus having held several roles in disabilities care and advocacy, Allison is passionate about being defiant to rules and expectations.

The belief that we all have a responsibility to each other and the conviction that wellbeing should be a right for all is what motivated Allison to move on from several years of working in behavioral crisis care for kids with autism to meet other leaders who are working to make it happen. It was in the middle of a road trip across the country when Allison joined the team and began using her skills in word mixology to become a part of telling the CTZNWELL story online.

When not buried in the depths of political news or keeping up with the latest hashtags, you can find Allison presenting at education conferences, reading the Sunday paper, spinning on ice, or using drums and bubbles to teach yoga to kids with special needs.