The first seven days of this new administration has sent a clear message that they mean business and this is gonna be the fight of our lives. No doubt, this next week is going to bring another round of chaos and change. How we respond is going to define who we are as a community and country. 

And while it is tempting to "stay in the light", think happy thoughts and post positive mantras, Rev angel Kyodo williams is calling us to go deeper.

In the light of an egregious, inhumane and un-American policies of this administration, we are gonna have to take risks, make sacrifices and put it all on the line to protect our fellow brothers and sisters. No amount of meditation and good intentions is enough to meet this moment. This is about solidarity in action. 

We are gonna need to dig deep and get radical now. Radical in the way that Rev angel talks about it - FAR REACHING AND THOROUGH. It calls us to go beyond and get radical now - in our practice, in our relationships and in our action. 

After all, "Justice is what love looks like in public" (Cornell Brooks). Check it out.