It just keeps coming. But this is perhaps the most egregious, inhumane and un-American action by the President thus far. 

What does it mean? 

It means refugees being turned away. It means families being torn apart. It means suspicion, interrogation, detention and worse. 

This is the moment of truth for our community. Especially for those of us who have the least to lose. 

What will you put on the line for the safety and wellbeing of our friends and neighbors?

It's more important now than ever to put our hearts and bodies on the line. When they come after our communities, they come after all of us. No one is free unless everyone is free.

So let's show up. 

Here's a helpful guide from THE NATION on how to fight Trump's racist immigration policies.:

1. CALL your elected officials including your president. is a good resource. 

2. LEARN more about what's at stake. This is a good article to reference. 

3. ELEVATE helpful programs like IDNYC.

4. ACT local. Join grassroots efforts with organizations like CAIR, Families For Freedom, Make The Road and more (then, DONATE to them)

5. SIGN petitions like this one.

6. SHOW UP for rallies like the ones happening at airports around the country. 

Finally...shout, resist, cry, march, donate, love hard, hold one another and pray. This is gonna be a long haul.