Women everywhere are FIRED UP. We’ve had our fill this week of scumbags, sexual predators, and politicians who want to govern our bodies. Meanwhile, Puerto Rico is fading away, California is burning, and we are on the verge of a nuclear conflict.

Enough is enough.

Women are coming out and speaking up. Thanks to Ashley Judd for breaking the silence and taking a stand for violence against women. Her TED talk is a must see. (Scroll down.) We are sourcing strength and solidarity from each other. With each person who courageously steps forward and says “this is not ok,” we unleash our collective healing and emerge into the wise witches we’ve always been.

We wage beauty through our truth and courage, dismantling the systems that have denied our dignity and wholeness and demand better for ourselves and one another.

And so while we rise up and rage against the machine, we wage beauty and lead with love. Grateful to the wise words of Mark Gonzales:

Even when your breath seems
weak & quivering, give thanks.
Wounded though an exhale
may be, it is scientific proof
we are still amongst the land
of the living.

That alone is reason for hope.

.   .   .

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Laurie Penny brings it in this piece on consent culture and how “technically” not sexually assaulting women is not good enough. It’s an “OMG,” “WTF,” “HELL YES” kind of read. Check it out.