We often think that “when this happens, I will rest” or “when I get to this point, I will start taking care of myself.” But that moment never comes. These days, it’s a constant onslaught of bad news, rollbacks, and threats to our community.

How dare we not be all in all the time!

But it IS possible to be committed to social change and to ourselves at the same time. In fact, we have to be. That’s how mutuality works. It’s not necessarily about giving something up to sustain the fight, but rather doing things differently to resource ourselves. Ours is a special kind of activism that centers around love and justice. That puts relationship ahead of outcome. And that values the dignity and wellbeing of everyone.

That includes YOU.

This has been perhaps the hardest lesson for me. The understanding that I deserve to be well too. That I NEED to be well. It’s a part of our equation of winning. When we are all well, we are all well. When we trust each other, we grow the whole. When we lead with love, we can’t fail.

One of our great heroes, Ai-jen Poo, spoke of this essence when she said:

“But organizing with love moves and feels a little different from other kinds of organizing. It begins with the least visible and most vulnerable. It transforms victims into protagonists. It builds power from the margins, until the margins no longer exist. It rejects zero sum equations, and either/or propositions. Rather than us versus them, it invents new notions of the we. It assumes abundance rather than scarcity. It trusts women. It follows women of color. It is both slow and deep, and fast and broad. We are organizing at the speed of love. And I believe that we will win.”

We aren’t doing the revolution. We are the revolution. And we need everyone well to win.

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