What we’re up to.

CTZNWELL has been working on the front lines of wellbeing and social justice for the last 3 years - inspiring and activating conscious creatives who are waking up, living their values and speaking out about the issues that matter to them. We believe that wellbeing is a human right and are working to advance a culture of citizenship that is committed to the wellbeing of the whole. 

Since the election, we’ve been overwhelmed by requests from the community to help them navigate who to trust, what to do and how to take action. So we created WELLREAD, a weekly ezine curating the most important news to read, actions to take and practices to keep you grounded. Every week, we turn to the brilliant words and wisdom of front-line leaders and spiritual activists and let them guide us toward greater understanding and more conscious action. It has become a brave space that has kept us connected around the country in shared values, content and action.

How we are taking it to the next level. 

In 2018, we’re creating MORE juicy content to keep you informed, grounded and inspired to act. Here’s what you can expect:

  1. Introducing CTZN Podcast - we’re exploring the practice of citizenship with spiritual leaders, front line activists and pop culture icons like Marianne Williamson, rev Angel Kyodo Williams, Seane Corn, Rod Stryker and more.
  2. Practice tools for Activists - radical meditations that aren’t afraid to address the critical issues of this time and help us build a capacity for courage and action.
  3. #WELLREAD custom content - the same weekly newsletter you’ve trusted but better. We’re introducing provocative blog series that tackle topics like white supremacy, radical inclusion, politics of wellbeing and more.

Why we’re doing this.

This is new for us. We have never had to ask for money before. But as the needs become greater and the demand increases, we are rising to the occasion. To do that, we want to create structures that support community participation, not the patriarchy (for realz). When you become a patron, you are joining a community of sustainers and contributors that are helping us redefine citizenship and democratize wellbeing for everyone. It’s a win-win. We’ll keep you well with curated content, practice and inspiration. And you help us keep everyone well through our organizing/advocacy efforts. 

What you’ll get.

  1. GRATITUDE. Because we so appreciate you being here, leaning in and liking our work. Period $1
  2. CONVERSATION. (For the price of a latte…) you get to be a part of a brave space for conversation and connection. $5
  3. PRACTICE. (For the price of yoga class…) you get exclusive meditations from some of our favorite spiritual leaders that keep you grounded in your activism and resourced to act. $20
  4. OUR FAVORITE THINGS. (For the price of an organic dinner...) you get exclusive access to our viritual subscription box, “The WELL”, featuring our favorite things for staying well and paying it forward (practice, playlists, prose, people, products, etc). $40.
  5. SATISFACTION. You give because you can and you care. Nuff said. Thank you. $100