This month we are celebrating WELLread’s one year anniversary (Holy shit!). So we thought we’d take the time to look back and reflect on how it all started and how far we’ve come.

After the apocalypse (I mean election), we were floored like everyone else. We did the only thing we knew how — we showed up and listened. But we were unprepared for moment and inundated with questions, requests, and input from our community asking “What are we going to do?”; “Who do we trust?”; and “How the hell are we going to get through this?”

That’s where #WELLread came in.

We imagined a resource that would keep you informed about news, directed in how to take action, and sustained through shared practice and inspiration. It was more than a newsletter. It became a ritual of courageous conversation, a brave space that kept us connected around the country in shared values, content, and action.

Every week, we turned to the brilliant words and wisdom of front-line leaders and spiritual activists and let them guide us toward greater understanding and more conscious action. Adrienne Maree Brown, Alicia Garza, Sharon Salzberg, Rev angel Kyodo williams, Rebecca Solnit, and more kept us grounded, engaged, and activated. Together, we learned about the practice of ally-ship and our mutual responsibility to the dignity, safety, and wellbeing of everyone.

Looking back on this year is like a reckoning — a mixed bag of inspiration, heartbreak, rage, regret, and more. From marches to executive orders to travel bans to mass shootings to defending healthcare to fighting for justice…we learned that we are f***ing resilient.

In the spirit of gratitude and thanksgiving, we want to take a moment to acknowledge this community for showing up. We spoke truth to power, marched together, put our bodies on the line, practiced collective care, and demanded better of ourselves and one another. May we go forward into this next year more emboldened than ever to bring about a vision for our country that we all deserve.

.   .   .

Happy Anniversary!

Of course, it hasn’t been the most cuddly of years, but we’re really gratefulfor an engaged and active community like you.
This year:

🎉 You opened 90,152 WELLreads. 🎉

🎉 You clicked 7,166 times. 🎉

🎉 AND you told us: 🎉
🎉 “Keep going.” 🎉
🎉 “I love you” 🎉
🎉 “Start a podcast.” 🎉
🎉 So, to you we say: 🎉
🎉 Don’t worry. We won’t stop. 🎉
🎉 We love you back. 🎉
🎉 And Yes. CTZN Podcast launches in 2018. 🎉

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