My city was attacked again yesterday just blocks from where the towers came down. My heart immediately went to the families who will have forever been changed. I know what that feels like.

But then my mind went to Las Vegas and Puerto Rico and Rosa Maria Hernandez who was taken by border patrol from her post surgery hospital bed this weekend to be deported. And then I got mad, because so many are being forgotten. Left with the remnants of their suffering and no one looking out for them.

This is who we’ve become. A country who’s selective compassion and response is determined by those who benefit the most. Perhaps that’s why it took the president 2 hours to respond to the deaths of 8 people at the hands of a self-proclaimed terrorist, while it took him 2 DAYS to respond to the deaths of 58 at the hands of a white man with a gun.

But this is not about the president. This is about us. All of us — conscious citizens who claim values of love and compassion showing up and demanding better of one another, of our corporations, and of our government.

Because here’s the thing — we cannot have it both ways. We cannot declare war on muslims through extreme vetting and travel bans while letting homegrown terrorists buy guns and destroy communities. We cannot make enlightened proclamations about reforming capitalism while sponsoring the systems that are perpetuating inequality. And we can’t swear by healing practices of wellness and turn our back on the majority of our country that is struggling to survive much less be well.

We can do better than fancy words and bold proclamations. We need to walk the talk.

As Anand Giridharadas said at the Obama Summit, This moment makes it plain that we need a new age of reform, not just a flurry of initiatives. That the best defense against hatred is offense — an evangelism of love.

Let us begin together.

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