While the #MeToo moment may have passed, the problem hasn’t. Rebecca Traister describes it as a version of Groundhogs Day, reminding us that “we just did this — like all of this — almost exactly a year ago” when Trump was exposed in his Access Hollywood tape. And yet, here we are.

“The conversation we should be having is about mechanisms far larger than any one perpetrator”

It’s time to move beyond shock and into action. It’s time to acknowledge that these are not issues of the few but issues of the whole. It’s time we name it clearly, that this is not gender violence, this is structural violence.

And it’s time it ends. Whatever our location to this issue, we all must embrace the social responsibility we have to one another and do what needs to be done to heal our human family.

Kerri Kelly, founder of CTZNWELL

At CTZNWELL, we work at the intersection of practice and politics, because we understand that it’s not just about what we do to change the world but how we do it. Each week, we call on the perspectives of front-line organizers and spiritual leaders to help us make sense of what’s happening in the world AND cultivate capacity to show up and be bold in the face of whatever. This is WELLread.

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