Let’s start with the bad news…Senate passed the tax scam, SCOTUS upheld the Travel Ban, the GOP resumed it’s endorsement of a child predator, Trump moves the embassy to Jerusalem, and Al Franken is resigning (which he probably should, but still).

But I’m going to focus on the GOOD news. Because if TIME’s #PersonOfTheYear is any indicator, women are grabbing back. And it’s about time. Here’s a look back at “The Year Of Women”:

  • The record breaking Women’s March set the tone for a big year led by women
  • Women win BIG in the first post-trump election
  • Danica Roem, Vi Lyles, Andrea Jenkins, Jenny Durkan, Keisha Lance Bottoms. Nuff said.
  • Emily’s list reports that 22,000 women have expressed interest in running (up from 900 last year)
  • #MeToo movement inspires silence breakers and changes the game
  • House of Card’s fires Kevin Spacey and completes final season with Claire Underwood
  • Christiane Amanpour replaces Charlie Rose
  • More women are running. More women are voting for women. More women are turning out the vote.

Things are looking up in 2017. And we are just getting started. Let’s continue to disrupt and break the silence. But let us also take care of one another. This is gonna be a marathon and not a sprint. And we are resilient. Our commitment to collective care will keep us going. All of us.

Here we come, midterms.

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