One year ago today, we woke up to a new world. Well…not really new, old in fact. But a new perspective for many. It’s been a heartbreaking year that has challenged us to the core. To unapologetically speak out against injustice. To take a hard look at ourselves and our part in this mess. To fight like hell for basic human rights like healthcare and sanctuary. And to keep going.

Because there’s no turning back. We are living in the age of Donald Trump. But we’re also living in the age of resistance.

I was prepared to write a gut-wrenching post commemorating the last year. But this morning, I woke up feeling hopeful — bolstered by the historic results of yesterday’s election and inspired to keep going. The resistance is working. And we sent a message — that we are more than marches. We are local. We are organized. And we are committed. Here are some highlights:

  • Ravi Bhalla: First Sikh Mayor in US History
  • Hala Ayala & Elizabeth Guzman: First Latinas in Virginia State House
  • Vi Lyles: First African American Mayor of Charlotte
  • Danica Roem: First Transgender State Representative in US History
  • Joyce Craig: First Women Elected Mayor of Manchester, NH
  • Wilmot Collins: First Black Mayor in Montana (and Liberian Refugee)
  • And 148,000 formerly incarcerated voters in Virginia

This is who we’re becoming. And it’s representative of the heart of this movement. Led by women and people of color who are reclaiming the soul of America for all of us.

The resistance is resilient. And ready for 2018.

(On deck: 33 US Senate Seats, All 435 US House Seats, 198 State Executive Seats and 6,066 State Legislature Seats.)

.   .   .

…to what’s inside:

It is YOUR fault you’re not Matt Damon. ⚡
Oh heeeellllll yeah
You either support guns or you don’t. 
Or… ⚡
Still… Not my president. ⚡
you’re just not paying attention. ⚡