Earlier today, I sat in on a conversation about the future of health and wellness in our society. No, it wasn’t about the latest wellness app or vegan snack. It was about what the hell we’re going to do when the public safety net is completely dismantled.

Because it certainly looks like it’s moving in that direction. If this new tax plan is any indication of where we are going, D.C. is hell-bent on making sure the rich get richer and everyone else gets fucked.

Should we resist? Of course we should resist. The policies of this administration (not to mention the tweets) are immoral, unethical, and just plain heartless. And they do NOT represent the majority. This is not who we are.

So if the wellbeing of our citizens is not safe-guarded by our government, what’s left to protect us? Us.

The future of health and wellness is in collective care. The ways in which communities come together on the ground and take care of each other in small and big ways. Front line communities have been doing this for decades as they’ve long been abandoned by our systems of power. But it’s time we all step up our game. Because our liberation and wellbeing are bound. And only when we have each others’ backs and fight for the wellbeing of the whole can we fully realize our own human potential.

This week’s #WELLread is about just that. The practice of clear seeing, speaking truth, and doing the uncomfortable work of dismantling systems that are holding us back and holding us back from one another.

Because when everyone’s well, everyone’s well.

.   .   .

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