When we fight a system of separation and division, our greatest weapon isn't unity. It's relationship. 

At CTZNWELL we talk a lot about this relational approach to social change - that is, how we seek to understand one another so that we can move towards a society that takes care of all its parts. That's because we understand that the breakdown of our communities and social fabric has been a primary factor in the civic engagement crisis that (at least partially) got us into this mess.

But relationships, like our practice of "citizenship," take commitment, and not just every four years. Relationships need accountability. A friend and teacher once referred to holding one another accountable as "the way we demonstrate that our word and our work matters." 

This moment matters. Now more than ever, we must extend this relational accountability to our elected officials. Our representatives are making big decisions, right now, that directly impact all of us and the future of this country. To hold politicians accountable, WE must be accountable as CTZNs and make our voices heard. 

But how?

Former Rep. Steve Israel gave us the inside scoop on how to get your legislators' attention here. We're also loving Daily Action as a practice and resource for making an impact. And have you downloaded Countable yet? These are just a few ways to get started. 

How are you bringing your CTZN practice into your relationships -- family, friends, community, legislators, and beyond? What tools are you using that you can share? Let us know in the comments. This is a space where we can support one another for the long haul.

Keep going.