As our CTZNWELL team and delegates spend their Saturday at Sister Giant, here's a straightforward and super helpful "To-Do-List" from activist, organizer and Women's March Co-Chair, Linda Sarsour

People keep asking me what can they do. Folks are fired up. People want to be engaged. We don't have time to ask each other where you were before because this moment calls for EVERYONE. Our communities are in imminent danger - more than they ever have been before.

Not everyone is a full-time activist but everyone can DO SOMETHING. Here are some tangible things you can do:

1. Go meet your neighbors. We can't protect one another if we don't know one another. Do you know who your neighbors are? Who lives two houses down or down the hall from you? Knock on a door, say hello, introduce yourself and say if you ever need anything I am around. You can alleviate someone's fear and anxiety by doing this. It's simple and necessary.

2. Do you know who your city council member is? US Senator, Congressmember, State Representatives, Mayor, Governor? If not, get to it. Save their names and office phone numbers on your phone so you can easily get in touch with them to voice concerns or to thank them when they do the right thing. Elected officials work for YOU, make sure you remind them often.

3. Donate to an organization in your local area that is committed to organizing and building power and/or provides services to directly impacted communities. You can also donate to national organizations of your choice that align with your principles and values and are doing critical work at this time. $20 bucks even goes a long way. Support local organizers - check in on them if you know them.

4. SHOW UP. When you hear of a local direct action try your best to make it or at least promote and ask others to attend. Visibility is important. We cannot be silent in the face of injustice and abuse of power.

5. Share important articles and posts that are informative and accurate. Use your social media platform as a way to educate others about what is happening and sharing action items they can do. If an article doesn't sit well with you, it may not be true - try to verify before posting misinformation and creating confusion.

6. Try to stay positive - especially in front of the kids. I am not saying we should lie to them about the reality but explaining what is happening by following up with actions and solutions and/or stories of people resisting makes for better conversation. Love the kids. Encourage and motivate each other!

7. Take care of yourself. News is overwhelming. Remember to drink water and to eat. Try to find a few minutes a day to read a few pages of a book, laugh with some friends, converse with your spouse/partner, kids or nieces and nephews - basically something that brings you a lil bit of joy to remind us of what we are grateful for. We have to sustain our sanity - this is a long journey.

That's all for now folks. Stay engaged. Stay informed. Stay sane.

Oh...and WATCH THIS.