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Itseems fitting that this week is Winter Solstice, the shortest and darkest day of the year. That is certainly the energy coming out of Washington. Despite a relentless effort by resisters to #killthebill, congress just passed a sweeping, self-serving tax overhaul that guts the middle class and rewards millionaires.

But there is no winning or losing in this game. We are being looted by a runaway GOP that is passing and implementing legislation that is grossly opposed by the American public (24% approval rating). Make no mistake this is our democracy on the line.

But we are not just resisters. We are creators. And together we need to create a new future. Mark Gonzales calls it “We the Future” and it is made up of new systems that take care of the whole, new leaders that represent #AllOfUs, new practices that sustain and nourish our communities and new stories that inspire and advance our collective wellbeing.

Taj James says:

Whatever they destroy.

We will recreate

more beautiful than it ever was.

We are not falling apart. We are falling together. And together, we will work towards reclaiming our spirit and rebuilding our country.

In the dark shadow of Winter Solstice, we turn inward and reflect on how we got here. And then, we reverse course and embrace the return of the light.


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