If2017 was the year of resistance, this is the year of creating something new. Not just any kind of engagement. An engagement that is rooted in values, fortified in practice and amplified in relationship.

#Time’sUp on on the old order of white supremacy, misogyny, inequality and violence. We need a new order. One that redistributes resources, restores collective care and reimagines a new way forward that enables everyone to live up to their full human potential.

Alice Walker says ‘the most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”. We need to remember that the force is within us and move forward into this year with the resolve to evolve.

It’s time to put our practice to the test. Not just in how we resist and respond. But in now we create the conditions for wellbeing EVERYDAY. That is what citizenship looks like. It’s our mutual responsibility to one another through self-care, solidarity and systemic change. And we are ready.

No turning back.

-Kerri Kelly