Feeling the love?

We spend a lot of time here talking about bad news. Because we feel it is important to name what is happening, to not turn away from the discomfort and to confront injustice head on. 

But our resistance is futile if it is not of love. We often debate about the right positions and tactics and strategies, but we rarely talk about love in how we do this work. AND we do this work because of love. We fight for what we love that is at stake - whether it is dignity or belonging or family or wellbeing. That is why we are here, doing the work, showing up and demanding better of one another. 

While I love to reject this overly commercialized holiday, I'm reflecting today on the following things:

Where is love missing in our work?
Where am I not in love...for myself or others? 
Where is it the hardest to love? 

This week's #WELLREAD is filled with examples of revolutionary love. Not the kind that is easy or proximal. But the kind that takes courage. The kind that is uncertain, that doesn't come with any guarantees. The kind that is hard and impossible at times.  

For the beauty and freedom that we are seeking is found there. And so that is where we must be. In LOVE. 

-Kerri Kelly