There is nothing more humbling and refreshing than taking the seat of the student. Especially for those of us who are considered leaders, organizers, authority figures and coaches. We, likely, need to practice follower-ship the most. And if this month is teaching us anything, it's to lay back and let others lead. 

In this week's #WELLREAD, we're contemplating what we "teachers" need to be learning right now. Whether it is how to step back and follow, or how to take responsibility for our racism, or how to not let anyone be an afterthought, or how to practice for the future, or how to not bi-pass our pain and face the truth. We have work to do. AND we have wisdom all around us. 

When students become our teachers, we get to become innocent and curious again. We get to experience wonder. And we get to rediscover hope. And that's exactly what we need right now. A boat load of hope.