We’re fed up with thoughts and prayers and dead children and teachers sacrificing their lives. All so that our politicians can continue to line their pockets with blood money from the NRA. 

So we are cutting right to the chase. 

Since Congress is too incompetent (bought) to take action, we’re taking things into our own hands. And guess who’s leading the charge? Our kids. 

Led by Emma Gonzalez, Cameron Kasky, Alfonso Calderon, David Hogg, these students are saying #NeverAgain. And they are inspiring a movement that is not going anywhere fast. According to Nate Silver, Parkland is *not* fading from the news the way that mass shootings usually do. The students speaking out makes a pretty big difference.

And so our job is to listen and follow and show up every step of the way. In how we take care of each other and repair and restore our communities, in how come together and march for our lives, and in how we mobilize the vote and throw them out. 

But it's going to take persistence and perseverance. For when the dust settles and the media goes away and our kids go off to college and we get tired, we cannot get distracted and risk this happening one more time. We must remember, always, what is at stake and what must be done to preserve and protect our future. Our children deserve that much. 


-Kerri Kelly