It's complicated.

Waking up is not simple work. It's an ongoing, ever-evolving, messy thing. And it requires radical curiosity about what we think we know and what we don't know (which is most everything). 

I find it's helpful to do a practice of "forgetting" often. Because we are so quick to believe what we are told or buy what we are sold. And when we move at the speed of social media, norms happen before we even know it. 

So this week we're reflecting on nuance. The truth's that lie in between the obvious. The invisible stories that get washed away by the mainstream. The inclusive perspectives that can only come from the margins. We are interrogating gun policies and who's really impacted, reclaiming the truth of black history, calling out the myth of "the dream", acknowledging the suffering across the globe and getting real with "othering". 

And we get to do it together. This #WELLREAD is jam packed with community sourced storytelling, wisdom, resources and trainings. Enjoy.

-Kerri Kelly



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