I love women. They have saved my life countless times. Picked me up off the ground when I’ve fallen. Loved me at my messiest. I am who I am because of the women in my life.

So this month, I am celebrating all of the women who have come before and boldly blazed a trail so that I could be here in this way. But what they have taught me about feminism is not about women-only rights. It’s about #AllOfUs in this wild and intersectional journey towards liberation.

What we are seeing from the movements of #BlackLivesMatter, #Dreamers #MeToo and now #NeverAgain, is that we are in this together. Our resistance and resilience are bound. And if we want to be truly free and well, we must recognize our interdependence and rise in solidarity with one another.

This Women’s History Month, we’re going beyond borders and binaries and honoring the values that women have fought for for centuries — unconditional love, fundamental belonging and collective care.

Then, let’s see what’s possible.