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Reimagining Citizenship


Reimagining Citizenship

The women's march was a historic, record-setting, epic demonstration of resistance. And it's just in time. American politics has been "trumped" by dangerous politicians, corporate control and corrupt policies. And while it's easy to point the finger at institutional power for our failing democracy, we rarely talk about the other also broken component of our political system - "citizenship."

Citizenship is not a "juice fast".

It's not simply how we vote every four years, or how we speak out on Facebook or how we click to act. And it's not even how we march. 

Citizenship is how we show up for our community and country EVERY DAY. 

And it's calling us up to go beyond personal responsibility and self-interest towards the messy complex and intersectional reality of who we really are in America and how we came to be here. It means recognizing that many of us, non natives of this country, have benefited from the legacy of colonialism, racism and free market economics. And we can't truly know healing and reconciliation within ourselves until we face the wounds that we have inherited - that we are a part of. 

Citizenship is not about where you were born or what documents you have.  

It's about how you show up, who you stand with and what you fight for. It's a story that centers love, justice and the idea that no one is well unless everyone is well.

And it's a citizenship where everyone belongs.  

So starting now, we're taking back our power and reclaiming citizenship as solidarity. #100DaysOfCTZN is a campaign that bridges spiritual practice and political action. Together, we will explore the practice of citizenship in how we take care of each other, get informed and rebuild our country from the inside-out.   

We need a citizenship that is rising to the occasion.

It's not the kind of patriotism that puts love of country above love of one another. It's a citizenship of humanity. And in this citizenship, EVERYONE is welcome, so invite your friends, join the conversation and let's build together.  

Here's a TEDx talk I did pre-election about reimagining citizenship and voting as collective care. While the election has been decided, our destiny hasn't. So let's play our part and co-create the country that we ALL deserve.