Carinne Luck

Carinne Luck is an organizer and campaign strategist who works with emerging and established groups to build healthy and effective organizations with membership engagement and grassroots organizing at their core. Most recently, Carinne has been working with the domestic worker movement to reach and organize domestic employers, and in the summer of 2014 co-founded the If Not Now collective. 

Carinne was a founding staff member and Vice President for Field and Campaigns at J Street, where she oversaw one of the largest national Jewish grassroots operation to date. She also worked at as Acting Director of Grassroots Campaigns, and as a consultant with Moore and Associates. She is a proud board member of The Wildfire Project.

Carinne was born in Israel, raised in Tel Aviv and London, and has been a New Yorker for 11 years. After first moving to this country with her mother as an undocumented immigrant, Carinne became a proud US citizens during the summer of 2012. (just in time to vote!)