ctzn circles

Through shared practice and inquiry, these CTZN Circle guides help small groups dig deep and multiply their impact. Whether you have a desire to make your activism more meaningful (Wage WELLbeing), a calling to build bridges across divides (Courageous Conversation), or simply a need to get and stay informed (WELLread), we hope these tools support you.

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Courageous Conversation CTZN Circle Guide

This CTZN Circle guide is designed to center compassion and relationship in how we engage in politics and collective care. It’s a courageous practice that includes the whole truth, the whole person, and the whole community -- and it’s one that reveals the ways we are like-hearted, even when we are not like-minded.

Wage WELLbeing CTZN Circle Guide

This CTZN Circle guide is designed to explore the true meaning of wellbeing and empower participants with the self-knowledge and resources to take effective action for the wellbeing of all. Through practice and a relational approach to transformation, we can learn how to be effective agents for change.

WELLread CTZN Circle Guide

This CTZN Circle guide grew from our desire to create space for communities to get more deeply informed, together, through the writings of great teachers. We need to have big conversations, and for that we need context and critical thinking. We've even included a suggested readings list to get you started.