We are coming together to engage boldly in the issues that matter,
and transform the conversation into one that lifts up love, justice and wellbeing for all.


Citizenship is an everyday practice of staying informed, showing up for one another and taking purposeful action. Given what's at stake in this election, we are challenging the community to "30 Days VOTEWELL Challenge" to inspire us to lean in, ask hard questions and bridge the divide. Sign up! 


 Through small groups of shared practice, shared culture and shared action, we grow in depth, scale and power. Circle technology encourages diverse, creative and innovative responses to the critical needs of this moment.  VoteTogether is an invitation to circle up and tackle your ballot. Click here for the guide.


get out the vote

It's going to be all hands on deck for the #LastWeekend leading up to the election and we're looking for bad ass warriors who are ready to take it home. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to rage, rally and raise hell all the way to November 6th. RSVP if you're in. 


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Join us in doing the most powerful thing you can before Election Day: gather to learn about your ballot, have a different kind of political conversation, and raise your voice and vote for the wellbeing of all.