Heidi Sieck

Today, we are talking with Chief Empowerment Officer, Heidi Sieck. She is the founder of VOTEPROCHOICE, long time advocate for reproductive rights, and bad-ass feminist. And when she is not getting pro-choice candidates elected or lobbying congress, she is throwing down alongside me on the street, in the capital, at the supreme court or wherever we are needed. She’s here with us today to help us make sense of the recent abortion bans that are sweeping our nation and take back our rights.

In this episode, Heidi reminds us that the recent abortion bans sweeping our nation are nothing new. States have been rolling back reproductive rights and controlling women’s bodies for over three decades. But we are, in fact, a pro-choice nation with 70% of Americans in favor of abortion rights. We just need to get organized and get engaged. And like Elizabeth Warren, Heidi’s got a plan.

In a recent article, Laurie Penny wrote “This is not a moment to mince words. This is a moment for moral clarity. Women’s personhood is not conditional. Women’s sexuality is not shameful. The only shameful thing, the only thing that no citizen who believes even fractionally in freedom should tolerate, is a world in which women are treated like things.”

Our rage is righteous and our fight is strategic. And we will not go back. We will tell our stories, take the streets, vote them out and do whatever it takes to protect our bodies and preserve our humanity. Because the choice to show up for one another, is perhaps the most sacred choice of all.

Check it out.

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