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Ana Maria Archila is a resistance icon. She’s known by many as the “lady in the elevator” after her confrontation with Senator Jeff Flake went viral during the confirmation hearings for Justice Kavanaugh. But that wasn’t her first rodeo. Ana Maria has been disrupting, bird-dogging and advocating for human rights and dignity since she emigrated here at the age of 17.

She teaches us that disruption is essential in slowing things down and getting people in power to listen. Everyday people speaking truth to power is what this country is all about.

And courage is contagious. We saw that in the wake of #MeToo, in the wave of stories that flooded the Hart Building during the Kavanaugh hearings and most recently, in the avalanche of abortion stories in response to war on reproductive freedom. Our stories, each and every one of us, has been necessary to create a moment of reckoning and make our democracy come alive.

This is how the healing happens, she says...we are allowing each other to see one another more clearly, we are allowing the country to see itself more clearly, and we are weaving a fabric of community care and courage that is changing the game.

That is what real citizenship is all about. Not the kind that requires documents or cares where you were born. But the kind that shows up, speaks out and fights for justice for all.

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And the movement to restore democracy.