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Nicole Cardoza is shaking things up in the wellness world. And we dig deep in the latest episode of CTZN Podcast. We tackle the wellness gap that separates who gets to be well and who doesn’t, we acknowledge how white supremacy is playing out in wellness, we confront the harm of corporations and institutions that continue to put profits over people. And we reckon with our own complicity and responsibility in participating in a system and culture that upholds inequity and exclusion and what we need to do about it.

We’re in a really messy moment in the world—navigating big entrenched systems that are set up to keep some people well and some people out. But as Nicole reminds us, even as things fall apart, new ideas and innovations are emerging that are redefining wellness and what’s possible when we expose the myth of a wellness that is rooted in capitalism and white supremacy and invest in people and programs that take care of everyone.

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