Heidi Sieck

Heidi brings 25 years of root-striking innovation and activism to the intersection of technology, politics and well being while fueling an obsession with elevating women to positions of leadership. Heidi established herself as a systemic transformer when she led Mayor Gavin Newsom’s award winning 311 Customer Service Center project, a $20 million construction, technology and transformational government service establishing the foundation of the open government movement. She is currently leading a project for Personal Democracy Media to build Civic Hall, a new community center for civic technology and innovation in New York City. 

When she is not leading a project team, pondering performance metrics,  or creating order out of chaos, you will find Heidi playing in the sandbox of democracy. Heidi has worked on five presidential campaigns (including the 2012 campaign in Ohio where she first met Kerri Kelly) and countless state and local races from Nebraska to New York City. She served as President of the nonpartisan San Francisco Women's Political Committee, the largest women's organization in the City. She also co-founded the San Francisco Women’s Policy Summit and created the San Francisco Women's Collaborative. 

Her now-not-so-secret spiritual warrior side manifests in a commitment to meditation, yoga and a fierce devotion to uplifting women and enlightened perspectives of feminism. Heidi serves on the Center for Partnership Studies Board of Directors promoting the systemic work of her mentor Riane Eisler and the National Advisory Board of VoteRunLead the premier training program for women running for office. Heidi mentors, consults and trains women and groups throughout the country and is a sought after keynote speaker on issues of leadership, gender parity and political reform. 

She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Nebraska and a Masters in Public Administration from the Harvard Kennedy School where she was awarded the prestigious Holly Taylor Sargent Award for Advancement of Women in Leadership.