We are in it together. We are better together.

Across the nation, we're uniting the wellbeing community to take action, raise our voices, and voteWELL. The momentum is building, and we need a dream team of leaders like you that are ready to convene their communities to create powerful change. We’re coming together on the issues we face that are critical to the wellbeing of people and planet. Are you with us?

We need you to be a leader

It's simple to become a voteWELL leader, and we can't do this without you. And don't worry...We’ll give you everything you need to inspire others and mobilize your community, including training, tools, inspiration and support. Here's what you can do:

1) PLEDGE to voteWELL. Get registered to vote your values. [ADD LINK]

2) Spread the word about voteWELL and invite your friends to pledge on social media [LINK so they can automatically post?]

3) Mobilize at least 5 of your friends to take the pledge and voteWELL on Election Day

Join a call to get started

We're providing lots of options, online and in-person training, and toolkits to support you to bring voteWELL to your community. 
Join a national call to fill you in on the vision and opportunities, so you can determine where you feel called.
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Questions? Email Kate at kate@ctznwell.org and let's begin the conversation. 
And in the meantime, stay in touch with us on social media @CTZNWELL. #wellbeingforall #voteWELL