There is an inner revolution emerging. It’s happening on yoga mats, meditation cushions, at coops, in creative living spaces and more. With 50+ million people engaged in lifestyles of health, sustainability and spiritual practice, it is fueling a market of personal wellness, organic foods and sustainable products that exceeds 300 billion dollars in the US and inspiring a community to go deeper and transform their lives from the inside out. 


But while wellness soars, so does inequality. 

The Wellbeing Gap in this country is real and wherever there is a higher prevalence of poverty and unemployment, lack of access to housing and public transportation, you find people who are struggling to survive much less be well. We are not separate from the suffering of our people and planet, and a practice rooted in interconnection and compassion calls us to act on behalf of the whole, not just a few. It's time to come together in solidarity, get engaged around issues that matter, and focus our collective power around real collective change that ensures that everyone is well.