CTZN WELL was created as a place for all of us: The people who think we can and need to do better by ourselves, our communities and our society, and are ready to stand up and act towards that end. We believe that when we come together in this way we can help change the course of our society, from disconnection and dysfunction, to connection and collective power.

This movement is backed by what is one of the most emerging sectors of the population: 40 million people engaged in lifestyle of health and sustainability and a 118 billion dollar industry.

Over the last 2 years we’ve assembled a board influential allies and advisors who see wellbeing as the new indicator of a nation’s health AND share a commitment to democratizing wellbeing for all people. They include leaders like Entrepreneur Jeff Krasno, Advocate Michael Skolnik, Activist Michael Kink, Congressman Tim Ryan, Meditation Teacher Sharon Salzburg, Yoga Teacher Seane Corn and Strategist Taj James among others.