Our theory of change begins with people. Through personal practice, community building, and collective action we transform ourselves and restructure our world to support the conditions of wellbeing for all. CTZN Circles Guide activate communities in shared practice and collective action to respond to the critical issues of our time. 

Community Care in Social & Political Justice

Designed to center compassion and relationship in how we engage in politics and collective care, this CTZN Circle guide is a courageous practice that includes the whole truth, whole person, and whole community --  revealing the ways we are like-hearted, even when we are not like-minded. 



Transforming the vote, together

Vote together is a community-based approach designed to support communities in making conscious choices on behalf of the wellbeing of all. We are coming together in the name of love and justice, uniting our voices and votes to help change the course of our society. 




Creating a culture of radical welcoming and community care

With so many communities facing injustice and violence, we are responding by coming together in solidarity, learning how to boldly intervene as effective allies, and reconnecting to each other, our neighbors, and the world. We believe it's time for not just a policy of sanctuary but a Practice of Sanctuary -- one rooted in love, justice, and the understanding that our liberation is bound.