In 2014, we joined the Fight for $15 to advocate for fair wages and economic wellbeing for all. There is nothing healthy, mindful, or fair about full-time workers struggling to feed their families. In solidarity with striking workers, we've participated in demonstrations that resulted in a historic victory to raise the minimum wage that changed the lives of 200,000 fast food workers - and are now poised to win an expansion to benefit 3.2 million minimum wage workers in New York state. We support similar efforts around the country.

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Living wage is not just an economic issue, it is a human rights issue, it is a moral issue, and it is a wellbeing issue. As multi-billion dollar corporations are making record profits, workers making minimum wage have barely enough to survive, much less be well. I support the workers' demand to raise to the minimum wage to $15/hour as part of my commitment to the wellbeing of all.

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Attend the Day of Action

On March 15th, we'll be riding the bus to Albany with 10,000 low-wage workers to get the state of NY to pass legislation to raise the minimum wage! We'll be providing wellbeing support like breathing, stretching, meditation, food and water, as well as sharing stories and building relationship with the workers on the way to the rally outside the Capitol.

Help us spread the word via the Facebook event here, and email to reserve a seat on the bus to come along!

Action days are high energy and the sense of connection and common humanity is awesome. Check out the pics from our last Day of Action.

Teach-Ins to Raise the Wage

wageWELL Teach-Ins have been happening at yoga and meditation studios across New York City. We are committed to educating our community about why livable wage is an essential part of the wellbeing of our society. We practiced together, shared information, answered questions, heard workers share their stories, and invited people to take action.

Thanks to the following Catalysts + yoga studios for hosting Teach-Ins: