what we believe

Our Core Values are the guiding principles that inform the cultivation of our internal landscape and external actions. We aspire to move from this center and embody these values in all that we be and do.


Everyone is welcome, no matter what.

We know that our diversity is our resilience and liberation. We actively dismantle the obstacles to belonging faced by many by bringing the voices on the margins to the center. We belong simply because we are.


We are all worthy.

Dignity cannot be given or taken away - it is inherent in all beings. Global systems that insult and underestimate the dignity of people and planet affect us all, and we must exercise our dignity by working to change this reality. Our presence and participation matters.


We need each other.

There can be no wellbeing of ME unless there is wellbeing of WE. Interconnection affirms that there is no separation - that we are all impacted by one another. And our engagement must re ect that. We are a commitment through purpose, responsibility and accountability to upholding love, justice and wellbeing for all. THIS is the central organizing principle of our practice, our communities and our movement.


It's not just what we do, but how we do it.

Compassion is not passive. It is the active engagement in love and justice on behalf of one another. We believe in show- ing up in this way - so that our actions are a reflection of our values.


We are enough. We have enough. There is enough to go around.

We reject the fear of scarcity and the culture of individualism and embody a spirit of enoughness, a practice of sharing and a commitment to create the conditions where everyone can be well. We believe that this planet and our species can and must support the conditions of wellbeing for everyone, period.


We need everyone showing up in their full power, purpose and possibility.

Only when we come together- rooted in authentic power, purpose, and possibility- can we discover creative strategies that disrupt the status quo and pave the way to a better future. We welcome innovation and collaborative design, and af rm a diverse ecosystem of agency and ideas.


We courageously share our truth, resources and capacity.

We use our voices, money, and access to advance the needs of others. We expect to be challenged in becoming more radically generous and we commit the resources that we have toward the wellbeing of the whole, without attachment to controlling the outcome.